Is my child a witch?

Is my child a witch? Probably and I still love him.

Is my child a witch?

Lily Tamlyn* offers a private insight into an unusual parenthood.

As parents, we often find ourselves marvelling at the unique interests and talents of our children. From music to sports, their passions can surprise and delight us. However, what happens when a child’s interests veer into the realm of the mysterious and the unexplained? This is a question that has been weighing heavily on my mind lately, as I find myself grappling with the possibility that my son, Matthew*, may possess abilities that defy conventional understanding.

Matthew is nine years old, bright-eyed, and endlessly curious about the world around him. From a young age, he has displayed a keen interest in the occult – a fascination that both intrigues and concerns me as a parent. While some children his age are content with cartoons and video games, Matthew spends his free time poring over books about magic, spells, and ancient rituals. At first, I dismissed it as a phase, assuming he would eventually outgrow his fascination with the supernatural. However, as time went on, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more to Matthew’s interest in the occult.

The power of youth - is my child a witch?

Is my child a witch?

One of the most perplexing aspects of Matthew’s behaviour is his ability to see things that others cannot. On several occasions, he has casually mentioned seeing shadowy figures flitting about our home, or hearing whispers in the dead of night when everyone else is fast asleep. At first, I chalked it up to an overactive imagination, but as Matthew described these sightings with increasing detail and clarity, I began to wonder if there might be some truth to his claims.

One particularly chilling incident occurred last Halloween, when Matthew insisted that he could communicate with the spirits of the departed. Setting up a makeshift altar in his bedroom, he lit candles and recited incantations in a language I couldn’t understand. I watched in disbelief as he claimed to receive messages from beyond the grave, conveying words of wisdom and warnings of impending danger. While part of me wanted to dismiss it as a child’s fanciful imagination, another part couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something undeniably otherworldly about Matthew’s abilities.

Despite my reservations, I couldn’t deny that Matthew’s interest in the occult had led to some remarkable experiences. Three examples stand out in my mind as undeniable proof of his uncanny talents. The first occurred during a family camping trip, when Matthew correctly predicted an approaching storm hours before it appeared on the horizon. While the rest of us were caught off guard by the sudden change in weather, Matthew calmly informed us that he had sensed the storm’s presence long before it arrived – a feat that left us all in awe of his intuition.

Is my son a witch?

What do you do if your son starts manifesting powers – as a witch?

So, is my child a witch? Another instance occurred when Matthew managed to locate a cherished family heirloom that had been missing for years. With nothing more than a handful of crystals and a makeshift divining rod, he led us straight to the hidden cache, much to our astonishment. It was as if he possessed a sixth sense, guiding him unerringly to the object of his desire.

The final example occurred just last week, when Matthew claimed to have cured our neighbour’s ailing cat using nothing but the power of his mind. Sceptical at first, I watched in amazement as the cat, which had been lethargic and listless for days, suddenly perked up and began to purr with renewed vigour. While I couldn’t explain how Matthew had accomplished such a feat, I couldn’t deny the evidence of my own eyes. Was this magic? I just don’t know. But the cat is bouncing around like a kitten. It’s strange, scary and wonderous, all at the same time. I’ve never shown any ‘talent’ in this area, where does he get it from? And is it healthy? And I keep asking myself, ‘Is my child a witch?’

In conclusion, while I may never fully understand the true nature of my son’s abilities, I have come to accept them as an integral part of who he is. Whether he is truly a “witch” in the traditional sense of the word is beside the point – what matters is that Matthew possesses a unique gift that sets him apart from his peers. As his parent, it is my duty to support and nurture his talents, whatever they may be, and to help him navigate the often confusing and sometimes frightening world of the occult. Who knows what wonders and mysteries the future may hold for my extraordinary son? All I can do is stand by his side and marvel at the strange and wondrous journey we are embarking on together.
*Names have been changed to protect identities.