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Guardian Spell Powder – Protection Spell Powder


  • Traditionally fashioned
  • Deliberately produced with magickal intention
  • Altar-blessed with sacred intent
  • 10ML


Guardian Spell Powder – 7 Saints

7 Saints Spirit Guardian Spell Powder is a unique blend of sacred herbs and spices designed to invoke the protective energies of seven powerful saints. This mystical powder is created with great care and intention, combining ingredients such as rue, hyssop, angelica root, and other herbs traditionally associated with spiritual protection and guidance. Each component is chosen for its specific properties and symbolic meaning, culminating in a potent mixture that is believed to connect the user with the benevolent spirits of these revered saints.

When used in spiritual practices, 7 Saints Spirit Guardian Spell Powder is thought to create a shield of divine protection around the individual, warding off negative influences and promoting a sense of inner strength and guidance. By invoking the energy of these saintly guardians, the powder is believed to offer support in times of need, clarity in decision-making, and a heightened sense of spiritual awareness. Those who work with this powder often do so with deep reverence and respect for the sacred beings it represents, focusing their intent on inviting their benevolent presence into their lives for guidance and protection.

Unleash the Power of Magick in Your Rituals

Hand blessed on an altar with powerful magickal intention, our Witch’s Spell Powders are the perfect addition to your spiritual toolkit. Infused with sacred herbs and spices, this potent blend enhances your spellwork and ritual practices.

Ways to Use Witch’s Spell Powder:

  • Candle Magic: Sprinkle around the base of a candle during spellwork to amplify your intentions.
  • Money Bowls: Add to money bowls to attract prosperity and abundance.
  • Home Protection: Scatter around your home outside to create a protective barrier. (Note: Not recommended if you have pets or young children.)
  • Witchy Correspondence: Sprinkle into letters and envelopes to infuse your communications with magical energy.
  • Gris Gris Bags: Incorporate into gris gris bags or witchy pouches for added potency.

Important Safety Information:

  • External Use Only: Do not take internally or apply to the skin.
  • Toxic Herb Warning: May contain toxic herbs or allergens. Keep away from food, drink, and anything that might come into contact with your skin.
  • Property Safety: Avoid using on fixtures, fittings, furnishings, fabrics, or clothing to prevent potential damage.
  • Child and Pet Safety: Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Harness the essence of ancient magick with Witch’s Spell Powder, and let your intentions manifest with greater power and purpose.

(Disclaimer: Please use responsibly and with awareness of potential allergens and toxic herbs. Always prioritize safety in your magickal practices, see below. Photo is illustrative and may not be the product you receive as all products are handmade to order)



Our products, including herbs, flowers, spices, ingredients, branded items, and supplies, are sold solely for magical, spell-casting, and ritual purposes. They are not intended for medicinal use. Unless specifically stated, our products should not be used on the skin, consumed, smoked, ingested, or used internally.

  • Usage Restrictions: Avoid applying our products to furnishings, fabrics, clothing, fixtures, or fittings, as they may cause staining.
  • Safety Precautions: Despite some ingredients having well-known culinary names, they are not of culinary, edible, or skincare grade. Keep all products away from children, pets, and naked flames, as they may contain toxic, allergenic, or flammable substances.
  • Disclaimer: Our products and services, including magic, spells, divination, and dowsing, are not substitutes for medical, psychological, legal, or emergency advice or services.

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